Warrenty / Return



Here's how we handle warranties and returns:

First off, all returns gotta get the green light from us before you send 'em back. Our warranty covers defects in material or workmanship for 30 days from the date of purchase. But listen up – it doesn't cover accidents, improper handling, normal wear and tear, or stuff like color fading on anodized parts.

And check it, if you're sending something back, make sure it's within 30 days of the ship date and hasn't been installed. Oh, and if it's on sale, blemished, or discontinued, no returns, my friend.

Now, if you're eyeing custom-made parts or already used gear, sorry, no refunds there. But if there's a defect or you got the wrong part, we'll hook you up with an exchange.

When you ship stuff back to us, make sure it's insured 'cause we're not responsible for any damage in transit. And keep track of that package 'cause lost returns won't get refunded.

Once we get your return and make sure it's all good, we'll process your refund. Just know there might be a 5% fee for certain payment methods.

And hey, if you scored free shipping with your purchase, we'll subtract those shipping costs from your refund.

Oh, and one last thing – return labels ain't on us, so you gotta handle that yourself.

Hit us up at chris@famousfabricator.com if you got any questions about refunds or returns. We'll make sure you're sorted, no sweat.

That's the scoop on our warranty and return game – keep it real, fam