Just so you know, everything we're slingin' at our spot is made to order. That means we ain't pullin' stuff off the shelf – nah, we're crafting it fresh just for you. So, kick back, chill, and give us about 3 to 4 weeks to whip up your gear. We know it's gonna be worth the wait, so sit tight, and get ready to rock the sickest ride in town when your custom gear drops at your doorstep."


Buying with us is a breeze – easy, quick, and locked down tight with our secure payment setup. Just make sure you pick what you want in the right quantity and breeze through checkout all on one page. Ain't no need to complicate things, ya feel? Whether you wanna sign up and roll with a customer account or just swing by as a guest, it's all good.


If you sign up as a customer, we got your back. That means we'll keep all your deets on file, so you don't gotta keep punchin' in your shipping info every time you swing back our way. We're all about keepin' it smooth and hassle-free for our fam. So, sign up once, kick back, and let us take care of the rest.


If you're rollin' through as a guest, no worries. Just drop in your shipping and payment info, and we'll get you sorted – quick and easy. Ain't no need to worry 'bout signin' up for an account or savin' them deets. And hey, if you hit a bump in the road or just need a hand, shoot us an email at chris@famousfabricator.com


For US orders, we're rollin' with UPS. Depending on what kinda speed you're lookin' for, your order's gonna hit your doorstep in 3 to 7 workin' days. We're talkin' about gettin' your gear to you quick, so you can get back on the road and tear it up. No long waits here, just fast delivery straight to your crib

If you're in the EU, we got your back too. Your orders are gettin' shipped out either by regular postal service or UPS – whichever floats your boat. And get this – if you're in the EU, you're lookin' at a sweet delivery time of just 1 to 2 workin' days. That's right, your gear's hittin' the road and makin' its way to your doorstep faster than you can say 'custom chopper parts.

For all our global fam outside the US and EU, we're hookin' you up with UPS Express Saver. That means whether you're chillin' in Sydney or vibin' in Tokyo, your gear's comin' at you within 2 to 7 workin' days, dependin' on the service you choose. Just know, when you hit up checkout and put in your full address deets and shipping country, the shipping costs will pop up.

But hold up – gotta give you the heads-up. Deliveries outside the US or EU might come with some extra customs duties, taxes, or fees. We ain't got control over that stuff, it's all handled by the forwarder and your country's customs crew. So, if you get hit with those extra costs, it's outta our hands, fam. Just somethin' to keep in mind when you're gearin' up for that international ride.


When it comes to payin' up, we got you covered with all the major methods. Whether you're throwin' down with credit cards, PayPal, or somethin' else, we got options for days. Just a heads-up though – the payment game might change depending on where you're at. No worries though, when you hit up checkout, we'll lay out all the deets for your specific country. So, you can pick the method that works best for you without breakin' a sweat.


Sometimes you might need a hand, and we're here to have your back. If you're runnin' into any snags or just need some help, hit us up at chris@famousfabricator.com. We're on it like white on rice, so expect a response within 24 hours after you shoot us that email. We ain't leavin' you hangin', fam. Whatever you need, we got you