About us

So, it all started with just me doin' what I digged: Messin' with metal and throwin' together Motorcycle Stuff. I hustled hard to build this shop from the ground up, nothin' but grindin' day in, day out. Here at Famous, you're gettin' the sickest Motorcycle Parts for your V-twin Bike, straight up. We're talkin' the world's first crew to churn out Parts entirely in full Stainless Steel. Yeah, you heard that right. We're all about reppin' that "Handmade in Germany" vibe, droppin' top-notch, one-of-a-kind Chopper Parts for our peeps who hustle hard for their dough. We stay true to keepin' "Chopper for Life" alive, providing a spot for all the Chopper fanatics like us. Hit us up if you're down for the ride.

We don't have time to hang around on the phone

Straight outta Germany

Our Parts all crafted by hand, right here in Germany, no doubt. Ain't no assembly line stuff here, just straight-up craftsmanship, German-style.